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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Cinque Terre, Italy

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Think of the Cinque Terre and your mind will most likely imagine colourful villages and beautiful fishing harbours. But among these bucolic towns, you’ll find both sultry swathes of sand and craggy coves where you can dive into the deep blue.

From fancy lidos at the most Instagrammable spots on the Italian Riviera, to low-key hidden harbours – the best Cinque Terre beaches aren’t always the most obvious, so read on to find out where to go for your summer swim.

Monterosso Beaches

Monterosso isn’t the most charming village in the Cinque Terre, but it more than makes up for any deficit with its stunning beaches. The main, expansive stretch of sand is where the masses congregate, but there are places to seek out solitude if you choose your Monterosso beach wisely.

Monterosso Fegina Beach

The best Cinque Terre beach is undoubtedly Monterosso’s Fegina beach. This is the largest beach in the area, and where most people start their journey into the remaining 4 villages. As soon as you depart the train station, you’ll see Fegina in front of you.

There are several paid areas on the beach (where for around 25 euro you can rent two sunbeds and a parasol for the day), and a small free area (directly in front of the train station entrance). Both free and paid areas get very busy in the warmer months, so don’t expect too much room to move around.


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