Today, customers have more and more strict requirements on the content on the website, because what they need is the quality of the content, the usefulness of it and the novelty from it. Therefore, to attract customers to your team, your content needs to be really impressive. So, what makes your content so perfect? Some of the factors that help content make an impression in the eyes of readers include: originality, creativity, attractive fluent writing, suitable for customers’ needs and useful to them. Today will be the last part of this topic.


Do not write too many topics on your website because it will not help increase the rate of page visits from customers. A quality article with content backing sources is much more valuable than writing a lot of poorly researched articles. You should also consider posting articles on topics with a longer shelf life.
However, you want to make sure your content stays fresh. If the article is quoting a survey from 2015, then in 2016 or 2017 you can delete that data and update with newer data and reupload your article on the website so it always stands out.
Example: If you write about print, cite some reliable articles or website sources about its history as well as statistics on the printing market for the past few years, it will make your article go in the right direction you want.


Cite an achievement in your content about the source of facts, facts, or information obtained. Include citations for factual claims that may be disputed or when you quote work from others.
You do not need a citation for a factual statement verified by multiple sources or if you are using general information that is not owned by anyone.
If a fact statement can be verified by multiple sources, or if you use knowledge that no one “owns,” then you don’t need to cite anything.
Citation: According to the Pew Research Center, 69% of adults in the US use social media.
No Citation: Social media is popular among US adults.
No one is forcing you to use citations for your content, but if you can, it’s a great idea. However, links should not be a substitute for properties because links can be broken, deleted, or changed.


Your website will increase in quality if the content has the right citations A complete piece of content has a great impact on your website. So, take the time to create the best quality content, surely fake customers will appreciate the article you provide to them.

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