An important step in protecting online transactions and user authentication is one-time password (OTP) verification. Thorough testing of the OTP system’s functioning is essential to guaranteeing that it performs as planned. The numerous test cases that must be taken into account for OTP code verification in any online application or website will be covered by Novatesting in this article.

Testcase_1Verify if the OTP is generated correctly and accurately (as per company regulations).
Testcase_2Verify if the OTP code is valid for only one use.
Testcase_3Verify that the number of OTP codes generated is not more than required.
Testcase_4Check if the number of generated OTP codes is not less than required.
Testcase_5Check if the OTP code was successfully sent to the user within the specified time.
Testcase_6Verify and confirm the time frame in which the user received the OTP code sent via email.
Testcase_7Check the time frame in which the user received the OTP code generated on their mobile device.
Testcase_8Verify the OTP code generated from the default message or manually added by the user, depending on the requirements.
Testcase_9Verify by adding a valid OTP app, the code must be accepted successfully.
Testcase_10Confirm that the notification displays accurate information in the case of the user entering a valid OTP code.
Testcase_11Verify that the appropriate error message will be displayed in the case of the user entering an invalid OTP code.
Testcase_12Verify that the OTP code must expire after the allowed time of the app or software.
Testcase_13Verify that the application does not accept the OTP code when it has expired.
Testcase_14Verify that the user can request a new OTP code by clicking on the link or button to resend the code.
Testcase_15Verify that the resend request is successful when clicking on the “Resend OTP code” link.
Testcase_16Check if the user should be temporarily locked in the case of requesting too many OTP codes.
Testcase_17Checking availability of Help and Documentation Link for OTP usage.
Testcase_18Verify for Case Sensitiveness

Those are several test cases for OTP. Novatesting is looking forwards to readers’ feedbacks to lengthen the above list.

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