These are some test cases for e-commerce website testing listed by Novatesting:

1. Clearly verify the products or items displayed on the website.

2. Make sure the items are categorized or not by category name.

3. Verify that the image added to the product is not broken or blurred.

4. Verify attributes such as size, weight, color, product quality… are mentioned under the product.

5. Verify shipping information for the product is displayed.

6. Verify if customer product reviews are added.

7. Verify the overall rating of the product is displayed on the website.

8. Confirm whether there is a product image (one photo and multiple photos)

9. Confirm the product image posted must be the actual image of the product.

10. Confirm the product detail page selected by the user that opens when the user clicks on the image or name of the product.

11. Check if the remaining product quantity is displayed.

12. Confirm whether the item’s available color is shown on the website.

13. Check the exact price of the product to be displayed on the website.

14. Verify that product related items are displayed on the product detail page.

15. Verify that the user can add to the cart one or more products.

16. Verify that users can add products to the wishlist.

17. Verify that the user cannot add more than the available inventory of the product.

18. Verify that the limit to the number of products a user can buy is working correctly. Also, an error message gets displayed, preventing the user from buying more than the limit.

19. Verify that the delivery can be declined during checkout for the places where shipping is not available.

20. Verify that product return functionality works correctly.

21. Verify that the Cash on Delivery option of payment is working fine.

22. Verify that the different prepaid methods of payments are working fine.

The list for test cases can be longer depending on each ecommerce website. Those are just fundamental examples of concerning cases.

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