In this world, the reason people break up with each other is absolutely not for each other’s sake, much less for themselves: It’s because OUT OF LOVE. Out of love, cruel treatment is not afraid of heart, the relationship between both sides has a purpose, even jealousy is superficial
So this morning when I saw a drunk man with a knife chasing his wife shouting: I DON’T YOU LOOK AT THIS, I suddenly felt my heart warm. It is a true love. A person who suffers only because of the loss of a look. A person who is tormented just because someone loves him too much
Very well, still in love, will still chase each other. Still carrying a knife to chase, still running, still smiling, still talking, still taking care of each other’s meals, still angry with each other’s eyes
My brothers and sisters, when the time comes, carry precious stones, jade, ivory, and jewels on their bodies, ride a chained horse with a moonblade, and go around to invite everyone to receive jade.
The brothers each have a beat, causing both guests and relatives to be excited, some to let go of their hands, some to be bitter, with purple faces, red eyes, and look away. Wow, it’s better to blame each other than to look away like that, is it OUT OF LOVE?
Maybe they’ve never been in love. When a person leaves us, whether they are angry or not, it may be because they have never loved each other, so even if their eyes, words, and lips are lost, to them, it is just an EYES. That’s also good, on normal days, hands shake hands to celebrate, isn’t it obvious by now?
The heart’s fire has been extinguished, the usual cold gesture is just freezing, isn’t it?
So in the customer experience industry, the old masters of the filter industry all know that the scary thing is not that the customer CALLS YOU LEARNED, so the customer still LOVES you. The scary thing is that even if they’re both satisfied or disgusted, the guests are still silent.
Just like selling goods, I am most afraid of customers looking at me with a cold smile like a winter warrior
If so, my brethren, if your mission is to LOVE and spread precious things like SILVER, then cross the frozen forest, leaving the deserts of words and the abyss of silence.
Touch their hearts, tell them the BEST things about YOU
That you are here for them
That we meet, let’s be for each other
Let’s keep each other… no matter what!

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