Two days ago there was a fish that was very upset, because someone was constantly setting traps to catch it. The first is to fish it, hook the bait on an iron tongue…
But the fish family is too used to this game, it’s mean, and only catches the big-mouthed, lazy but likes to eat. There is no free meal in the world, so the fish doesn’t get caught in a trap
Then they snooped around waiting for the fish to come up to grab the air, then they threw their hands away, but the fish family was too used to it. Lifetime lesson of fish: What do I need, where, there will be traps lurking. If you want to live, you must be smart, but you are too smart
The third time, they slapped the water, intending to drain the fish. Oh, game of life, have you run out of love and want to catch fish? Fish follow the water and run. It tried to wriggle along the slapping water to dodge, avoid, and twist. Sometimes it encounters a rocky shore, it tries to bend, roll, kick, and finally dodge
Until in front of him was an important point: the big children were about to catch him. By that time he was shaking, he was too tired and was about to run out of breath. But ahead is water, ahead is freedom, and most importantly: ahead is life
As it drifted close to the hand of a child who was about to be caught, it arched its back, protruding its pointed fins, the boy grabbed it with a yelp, and in that small moment it jumped up and down the slippery platform, slipping into the water.
And it will swim again, it will still swim, for as long as it can
1. Set traps to catch fish, play hard games, but in a wise life, you will live
2. Even in danger, the effort to survive always wins
3. At the crucial moment, life always goes on, leaving behind fools and wicked people

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