Novatesting would like to recommend an AI Code Suggestion Plugin called Tabnine which enables developers to speed up their programming work as well as reduces errors. Tabnine is a deep-learning based product which supports almost all current programming languages.

I. First words on Tabline

TabNine is a code autocompleter tool that predicts the rest of the code programmers are typing. Once installed, it functions as a code completion assistant to give devs code suggestions and completions.

II. Features of Tabline

Tabnine predicts and recommends your next lines of code based on context and syntax.

  • Completing the entire code on one line
  • Fully functional code completion with structured form
  • Natural language suggestions for coding (code or comment)

Tabline supports on many IDEs such as: IntelliJ, Eclipse, VS Code, PyCharm,… Almost all popular IDEs nowadays and supports generally, most popular programming languages ​​today: Java, Javascript, Python, etc.

IDEs supported by Tabline

It is the junior of Codota which completely replect Codota.

III. How to install Tabnine

For the installation, you just need to go here

#1. Installing Tabnine on Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

+ Step 1 : go to  Extension => then search for keywords  Tabnine

+ Step 2 : Select the first result => and then click  Install to start the installation.

The installation process takes place automatically, if in case you do not want to use it anymore, you can click  Disable to disable it temporarily, or click  Uninstall to remove the plugin.

#2. Installing Tabnine on InteliJ Idea

+ Step 1 : For IntelliJ programming software, first go to:  File => select  Setting => and select Plugin

+ Step 2 : In the next step, you choose  Plugins => select Tab  Marketplace => then search for keywords  Tabnine => and click  Install to install.

Please note that when installing a plugin on IntelliJ, you have  Restart to activate the plugin again as shown below.

#3. Installing Tabnine on Sublime Text

+ Step 1 : First, go to the item  Tools => select to install Install Package Control…Package Control..

+ Step 2 : Continue to go to  Tools => Or the shortcut is Command Palette…Ctrl + Shift + P

+ Step 3 : Continue to search for keywords   in the search bar that appears as shown below.Install Package

+ Step 4:  Finally, type  Tabnine => and select the first result as shown below then click to install.

Tabline is quite easy to install and use. Nevertheless, however convenient the plugin make your work, you should first at least basically understand well the syntax of the programming language you are working on because, eventually, the final decision belongs to the the programmer himself.

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