In the last few difficult years, I have often chosen the negative. It’s better to update the information and understand the risks and then sit at home with a gloomy face…
Doing so has a good thing: not having to face everything, but still feel like you are facing it. It is such a pleasant feeling, like instead of eating, imagine the food, instead of drinking water, think about dreaming of saliva.
Until recently, I didn’t think so. When you have brothers and you have to take care of things every day, running from early to late at night to find each item and think about how to sell it, it can’t be like that anymore.
Having brothers is like having a family, I want to stop but can’t stop, I want to be negative but not negative, I want to discuss back but not back. It’s because life is now a common possession, each negative will contribute to all the more negative, each backward will make it all step back a little. If you want to have brothers, you can’t live only for yourself, don’t even think negatively even when you’re negative, if you want to live, you have to think of ways for everyone to live with you.
So in difficult times like now, I just think of how to make my brother and I live. I think everyone thinks the way we live we can live together. Every day I worry that death will soon fall to the dark
But I’ve lived in the dark long enough, I really don’t want to go back to the passive, scared and tired days anymore. Because now I have brothers and not alone
Those who still live for themselves, even if they live among many people, they are lonely, suffering, sick, and lost. Anyway, don’t think that if you run away from life, life will hide from you. Life will come looking for me when I’m sleeping soundly on the pillow without knowing it
I wish my brothers and sisters that even though it is dark, their eyes are still bright. Wishing my brothers and sisters always smiling and enthusiastic hearts and open hearts

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