Anyone who has known me for a long time knows that I am not only thrifty, but also detailed in every detail, it must be said that it is terrible, harsh and unspeakable.
Married for 10 years, up to now, the 12m2 west-facing room has not been expensive, not because of lack of money. Every summer is stressful, but never because of so many insults to analyze, spend money on air conditioners
Glass of filtered water poured out to invite friends over, in my head I calculated every inch of the cost in it. To tell the truth, even people who take things have to see how they can lose, the small ones can’t be considered, the big ones want to say, what kind of plans are they?
Money people owe me, never owe more than 1 day, 12 noon the next day already paid! Friends earnestly want to borrow money, at night I put my hand on my forehead, so that the darkness is also afraid of my plans but lessens.
Don’t blame hastily, don’t everyone say, people are not for themselves, Heaven howls and the earth is destroyed?
Yes, but there are also people who would rather be destroyed and live for them
No air conditioning is also good, everyone agrees to suffer a little bit, love and respect each other more. In exchange for a little comfort when sitting in air conditioning, how can it be compared? Difficulties do not leave each other, then happiness is shared!
Considering even a cup of filtered water, it’s also to see if people drink that cup of water comfortably, whether it’s good for blood circulation, even less so that they don’t know how to cherish the moment they meet, because human life is so important. is absolutely finite, don’t lose anything!
Don’t let people owe, because I don’t want to see each other because of money. Isn’t that relationship, that human love, more important? People live and die for MONEY, hate each other because of FEAR, and turn away from each other because of Poverty! I can’t do that, what should I do?
People look at you with contempt, don’t be afraid of it. Be afraid that you cannot respect yourself!
My property, really no one can touch it. The greatest asset of a person’s life, in my opinion, is IDEAS, then LOVE, and finally, Generosity. Anything you lose is a permanent loss, even if you want to make up for it, it can’t be helped
There are people to me who are everything, they step out onto the street that I was afraid to lose. So much so that I left a moment early, returned a little late, I prayed for them to be safe
That’s why I said, people live in this world
How RICH is to be RICH, you have to expand your horizons, look at the big picture and be RICH, see the important things that KEEP, don’t be like a child, put away the apple, keep the candy, after a sunny day there is nothing left. to EAT!
Open your eyes and live, don’t close your heart with a few coins! See you soon, my friend, when the pandemic is over!

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