When your wings are hurt, just stretch them up…
The dragonfly is flying with wings, naturally his wings get heavier, the sky turns dark and cloudy. The frog from under the water shirt laughed and looked at him and said:
– It’s acid rain, don’t fly, I see you hovering, bite you to death
I still don’t listen, trying to fly. The thin wings were difficult to lift, and he felt his slender body being pressed by a heavy stone. He was so tired, he just lowered his eyes, when the green frog jumped up and took a “Tap” bite.
Fortunately, he dodged, crossed a section, just about to breathe a sigh of relief when a large gecko fell from a tree branch and missed. The scared dragonfly quickly slipped into a corner between trees and rocks, before he could regain his senses, a big black shadow rushed out.
A termite snake, it opened its mouth to bite him directly on the head. He jerked back, inevitably his wings were blown, lost a piece, flipped over and fell. The termite snake doesn’t let go, its greedy mouth opens with a jump
The dragonfly writhed, broken wings with a strange will flipped up, he flew and fell on the lotus wing, jerking his body tiredly. He smelled lotus, suddenly strangely peaceful, he looked up at the sky, breathed a refreshing breath
When the sun is shining again, he will fly again, ignoring the pain in his wings
And those who snoop, steal and hide can’t stop him from flying with the Sun
1. Once you’re just a dragonfly, living up to the times, anyone can catch you
2. But as long as you are brave and skillful, you will avoid dangerous stalkers
3. When tired and hurt, just calmly wait for a sunny day, then your wings will fly high

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